80% of Tuition is Granted via Scholarship

80% of Tuition is Granted via ScholarshipScholarships vary slightly based on individual cohort and other factors.

Cheryl Robinson; Winter 2013 Graduate

84% of Students Successfully Complete the Program

84% of Students Successfully Complete the ProgramAs of August 2014

Isaac Brown; Fall 2012 Graduate

204 Entrepreneurs  Trained Since Fall 2012

204 Entrepreneurs Trained Since Fall 2012As of August 2014

Sandra De La Fuente; Winter 2013 Graduate


Donating time or money helps to open more doors for entrepreneurs in emerging communities. We value your support and are committed to creating worthwhile opportunities for service and donation: offer your expertise; guest lecture; sponsor workshops; fund a 12-week ProsperUS Training Course.


Do you have a skill you want to turn into a business? Do you have a small operation you want to scale up? Do you have an existing business that you want grow? ProsperUS Detroit is here to support entrepreneurs with a 12-week training program, 10 hours of one-on-one consulting, access to technical assistance, lending opportunities and ongoing support.


When you partner with us, you will uncover new possibilities for your business while helping to build the community around you. Foster entrepreneurs by hosting trainings as a Community Partner. Guide entrepreneurs through the training program as a trainer. Equip entrepreneurs by sharing your services and know-how as a technical assistance provider.

Growing Detroit's neighborhood businesses, one resident at a time.

  • Harriette Brown

    Harriette Brown

    Harriette has overcome many obstacles to make her dream of opening her own catering business a reality. Sisters on a Roll Catering has been in business since 2013…
  • Nana Dansoa

    Nana Dansoa

    Nana’s Ghanian and immigrant father was called Mr. America by those who knew him. His dream was to come to the states to live the American Dream. With her mother’s inspiration…
  • Tony Lopez

    Tony Lopez

    Tony Lopez has been working in his family’s tire shop, Lopez Tires, since he was a kid, now he owns it. This life time entrepreneur not only runs Lopez Tires…

The ProsperUS Model

Activate Untapped Talent

Provide training, resources and capital for underserved entrepreneurial talent; create learning communities and secure grants and organizational support for neighborhood groups.


Build Capacity & Leadership

Build neighborhood leadership and organizational capacity to better support local businesses while staying focused on a long term approach and working at neighborhood scale.


More Opportunities, Less Barriers

Active and engaged business owners create prosperity for themselves and their community within a supportive local network of other businesses, neighborhood groups and leadership.


Connecting to Talent

Connecting to Talent Finding the Untapped, Hidden Talent of entrepreneurs in low-income communities

Linking Energy to Place

Linking Energy to Place Linking Energy to Place creating the critical mass needed to revitalize neighborhoods

Long Term Approach

Long Term Approach Taking a Comprehensive, Long-Term Approach that helps entrepreneurs succeed

Building Capacity

Building Capacity Building Local and National Capacity of individuals, organizations and communities

Eliminating Barriers

Eliminating Barriers Eliminating Barriers through accessible, multi-cultural programs and services

Working at Scale

Working at Scale Working at Scale while communities retain ownership and enjoy the benefits of success


  • New Economy Initiative to target innovation, entrepreneurs with 2nd round of funding

    Article Featured in Crain's Detroit about New Economy Iniative funding for the 2014-2015 year.

  • A Tale of Two Cities (and a town): Immigrants in the Rust Belt

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Our Neighborhoods

Grandmont Rosedale Northend Woodward/Central Lower East Side Cody Rouge Southwest Detroit


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  • Graduate Winter 2013

    The ProsperUS class has been so helpful and empowering to me, the most significat thing has been having a great coach who facilitates and leads our class, she is available to help me wth further research and potential resources different strategies to try to move the business forward...

  • Graduate Fall 2013

    Prosperus helped bring focus and refinement to the multitude of responsibilities associated with starting a business… in the long run I'm better prepared to provide a value driven service to members in the community and for that I'm grateful

  • Graduate Winter 2013

    It has truly helped me to grow my business. I'm truly grateful to have been part of this class.. I met some wonderful people and connections.

  • Community Partner Employee

    You guys are laying the foundation for businesses.. this will be a vital piece for revitalizing this area (focus hope)

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