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Our Business Services program includes professional, trainer, and ProsperUS Detroit staff assistance in the areas of Accounting, Commercial Real Estate, Graphic Design, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Website Development, and others where appropriate. Once the application process for Business Services is complete, the Small Business Advisor will advocate on behalf of the entrepreneur to ensure the best possible course of action for the entrepreneur to achieve their goals. Following the planning stage, an introductory meeting is scheduled between the entrepreneur, ProsperUS, and the service provider to discuss collaboration and scope of service. ProsperUS Detroit greatly reduces the cost of services to the entrepreneur based on the type of business or personal income.

ProsperUS Providers

Momentum Bookkeeping | Accounting
Ford Tax & Accounting | Accounting
TBS USA | Accounting
Best Practices Consulting Services | Business Development
Bodman Law | Legal
University of Michigan Law | Legal
Varnum Law | Legal
Mila’s Universe | Photography / Web
Smarter Phones | Technology
Featherstone Moments | Web / Photography
Wedge | Web / Graphic Design
Detroit Spaces | Web / Graphic Design / Photography
Three Lyons Creative | Web / Graphic Design / Photography

Work With US

Our Business Services Program is eager to work with professional service providers that seek ways to connect with Detroit’s neighborhood businesses and promote place-based economic development. If your business is interested in working with low and moderate income, immigrant and minority entrepreneurs and small business owners, we welcome your enthusiasm to help grow our program and offer essential resources to the community.

To learn more, and apply, please contact ProsperUS Detroit.

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