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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the training class offered?
The training class is offered twice per year at each Community Partner, in the spring and the fall.

How do I get into the class?
The first step to getting into the class is to submit an application. The applications for the class are accepted year-round and can be submitted at one of our Community Partner locations, to ProsperUS Detroit online or by mail.

How do I know if I got in?
After we receive your application and enter it into our database, when it is time to select participants, we will contact you for an interview. After the interview, we will notify you whether you were accepted to the program.

If I don’t get in, what do I do?
We always have more applicants for the program than we can accept each season. If we inform you that we could not accept you, we will let you know why. The main reason you may not get accepted is that we have determined, after the interview, that our program may not be the best one for you. There are numerous options available throughout the city for different stages of business development, and we will make a referral to the ones that may be better for you.

How long is the training class?
The training class is 20 weeks long. The classroom sessions, including the graduation, meet 12 times during this period.

What time are the classes held?
Most classes meet in the evening, from 6-8 PM. Occasionally, classes may be offered during the day and may also include a Spanish language-only class, if there is a demand for it.

What else is involved/included with the training?
Course Materials: We provide the textbook that guides participants through the steps of completing a business plan.
One-on-One Sessions: Each participant also receives ten hours of one-on-one business coaching with their class trainer.

Is there a cost for the training?
Each participant pays a fee of $75.

Where can I take the class?
The classes are offered in all of our target economic development areas at our Community Partner locations: Cody-Rouge / Warrendale, Southwest Detroit, Lower East Side, Central Woodward-North End, and Grandmont Rosedale.

Our Community Partners and locations are:

  • Central Detroit Christian CDC
  • Cody-Rouge Community Action Alliance
  • Dream of Detroit at the Muslim Center
  • Eastside Community Network
  • Focus: HOPE
  • Ford Resource and Engagement Center – East
  • Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation at the Grand River WorkPlace
  • Urban Neighborhood Initiatives
  • Vista Partnership

ProsperUS Detroit Open for Business Map - Locations

Who are the trainers?
Our Trainers are long-time business professionals who have come from a variety of professional backgrounds. Some have honed their skills working for and with Fortune 500 companies. They are, themselves, business owners and consultants with varying areas of expertise including:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Business development
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Information technology
  • Social enterprise

Do you offer Business Support Services?

  • Our program makes every effort to assist new entrepreneurs achieve success in starting their business. While participants are in training, they will learn how to gain access to business services and/or micro-lending to assist in business development.
  • Business Services are the way we connect graduates and other business owners in our target geographies with service providers that can assist with legal matters, accounting, web design, marketing and a host of other needs a business owner may face.
  • Micro-Lending Loans are how we provide businesses with financial support, and we walk applicants through the entire process of preparing to submit a loan application, completing the loan application, and the loan closing process.
  • We provide additional learning opportunities through business-focused workshops where participants can expand their knowledge of topics like human resources and hiring practices, technology, and determining IT needs.
  • Additionally, we present networking opportunities to help participants, graduates, and other business owners connect with other entrepreneurs and get the word out about their businesses.

Do you have more questions about ProsperUS Detroit’s Entrepreneur Training? Contact us today, or apply now!

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