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Applications for Fall 2022 are open until August 7th, 2022!

Application available here.

Solicitud para el Programa de Entrenamiento Empresarial

In light of best practices regarding COVID-19 interviews and classes will be held via Zoom for all 2021.

The ProsperUS Detroit Entrepreneur Training program utilizes a place-based focus to economic development. In collaboration with Community Partners in specific areas in the city seen as having barriers to economic development and stability, we offer a comprehensive, 15-week entrepreneur training program that helps participants realize their potential, develop a business plan, and get their business off the ground. Through this program, we look to our entrepreneurs to be examples, leaders, and potential employers, in these communities as business owners.

This course offers participants an overview of fundamental business principles as well as dedicated one-on-one support. By graduation, participants should understand their business model, market, and finances. We expect and support participants as they legally register their business, create budgets and systems of bookkeeping, and write a business plan.

The program consists of:

  • 6 different training sites across the city of Detroit (all classes will be held virtually)
  • 10-12 participants in each virtual class
  • 12 two-hour virtual sessions (once per week, usually from 6 to 8 pm on a weeknight)
  • 10 one-hour one-on-one consultations (scheduled separately with trainer)
  • 15-week duration from first class to graduation


Who We Serve

Our Entrepreneur Training participants are Detroit residents who plan to, or currently, have a business in our target geographies in the city. We accommodate all ages and stages of entrepreneurs, and if we find that our program will not serve you best, we are able to make recommendations for other supports in the community. Working directly with Community Partners, we strive to help participants find a network that works with them to achieve their dreams.

Participants accepted into the course are expected to pay $75 – total. We thank our funders who help offset the true cost of $800 and allow us to ensure the program is accessible to those with the most to gain.

Applicants will be assigned to sites based on geography. We only accept applicants who live in Detroit, Hamtramck, or Highland Park. Although we prioritize operational businesses, we may also accept experienced and focused applicants.

TARGET GEOGRAPHIES: (For a more detailed view, please click on the map below.)

ProsperUS Detroit Open for Business Map - Target Geographies

How often is the training class offered? The training class is offered twice per year at each Community Partner, in the spring and the fall.

How do I get into the class? The first step to getting into the class is to submit an ETP Application. The applications for the class are accepted year-round.

How do I know if I got in? After we receive your application we enter it into our database, after applications close, we will contact you with a decision or to set up an interview. After the interview, we will notify you whether you were accepted to the program.

If I don’t get in, what do I do? We always have more applicants for the program than we can accept each season. If we inform you that we could not accept you, we will let you know why. The main reason you may not get accepted is that you live outside of Detroit, hamtramck or Highland Park. Or we have determined that our program may not be the best one for you. There are numerous options available throughout the city for different stages of business development, and we will make a referral to the ones that may be better for you.

How long is the training class? The training class is 15 weeks long. The classroom sessions, including the graduation, meet 12 times during this period.

What time are the classes held? Most classes meet in the evening, from 6-8 PM on weeknights. Occasionally, classes may be offered during the day and we may also offer a Spanish language-only class, if there is a demand for it.

What else is involved/included with the training? Course Materials: We provide the textbook that guides participants through the steps of completing a business plan. One-on-One Sessions: Each participant also receives ten hours of one-on-one business coaching with their class trainer.

Is there a cost for the training? Each participant pays a fee of $75.

Where can I take the class? The classes are offered in all of our target economic development areas at our Community Partner locations: Cody-Rouge / Warrendale, Southwest Detroit, Lower East Side, Central Woodward-North End, and Grandmont Rosedale. 

More information is available on our FAQ Page

Apply to ProsperUS Detroit

ProsperUS Detroit accepts applications to the Entrepreneur Training program on a continual basis. As new classes approach, we will reach out to applicants to gather more information and schedule interviews. If you’re interested in our program, please sign up below.

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