Words of an Entrepreneur: Jeana Harper-Kirkland

May 17th, 2021

Jeana Harper-Kirkland is Partner & CEO of Johnson and Harper Creations, L.L.C. Johnson and Harper Creations is a health care product company that sells and licenses the Torso Sweatband (TSB), which provides comfort that solves breast care complications. The TSB is their premier patented product that helps women who sweat beneath and between the breasts stay dry and be rash- and odor-free. The TSB also helps breast cancer patients with quicker healing after breast cancer radiation treatment and improved quality of life. 

Jeana is a wife, “bonus mom”, and a 20-year veteran High School Spanish Teacher and World Languages Instructional Specialist with the Detroit Public Schools.  Jeana is also the author of the “Top 10 Internet Dating Tips” book, and Career Pathways Navigator with a local community non-profit organization. This Spartan (Go Green!) and Detroit native loves using her God-given talents and abilities to help other people, especially her Detroit community.

When the opportunity arose for this multi-faceted businesswoman to take the ProsperUs Detroit Entrepreneurial Training, she jumped on it!  Jeana had taken entrepreneurial classes 15 years prior with her business partner, Rhonda Johnson, but time elapsed and life happened, so it was time for a refresher to fill in the holes with the most up-to-date training. Part of this awesome entrepreneurial program was the opportunity to work with a Financial Coach.  The built-in financial help that ProsperUs offered was through a “financial angel” by the name of Crystal King.  

“If one were nervous or anxious about talking about their finances and bearing their financial soul to someone else, Crystal would be the perfect confidant. I felt so at ease with Crystal and she conducted our coaching sessions with such ease and totally free of judgment. Crystal helped me calculate my household net worth, walked me through my credit report, and showed me how I could clear negative comments on my report.  Together, we painstakingly sorted through months of personal expenditures to finally reveal where money was being misspent and how we could redirect it to savings and additional bill-pay. Knowing how to spot excessive spending and learning to budget also helps me with my business finances. I am so much more confident with tackling my finances because of her help. Although there is still so much work that has to be done with my finances, I am on the right path thanks to ProsperUs and my Financial Coach, Crystal King”.

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