Women’s History Month 2021 Intro

March 5th, 2021

We love to celebrate Women’s History Month because it’s the time to acknowledge and pay special attention to the strong, unbreakable, empowering, (and at times, disruptive) women who didn’t back down in rooms full of men and found ways to succeed. Those who taught us how to stand up for ourselves and persevere, how to fight back and how to not give up on the fight, because us women are capable of accomplishing absolutely anything.

This is the time for everyone to be vocal about our support for gender equality. Many of us were raised by immigrant mothers, undocumented mothers, or single mothers who were at the same time working mothers, maybe balancing several jobs, like some kind of superwoman. With or without recognition, women have been contributing to culture, history, and society since day one.

Celebrating Women’s History Month is an acknowledgement of the amazing accomplishments of women despite the unique barriers we face, often in intersectional ways depending on the culture and body we are born into.

So for the month of March, we will celebrate women by highlighting a few who have inspired us to keep going forward and striving for prosperity. We will bring light to their achievements. We will celebrate their power. We will celebrate all women who do things for other women. And we must also recognize that even though we have come a very long way with gender equality now, there’s still such a long way to go. 

Happy Women’s History Month, 

ProsperUs Detroit

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