Sterling Wise | Black History Month

February 17th, 2021

Sterling Wise’s background is with no doubt quite unique. Wise is in the health and fitness industry now, but in contrast to most of his fitness professional peers he is not a former athlete. Sterling grew up always being the “fat kid in class” and things just seemed to get worse in college. He received a degree in mechanical engineering, but he truly found his passion after embarking on a weight loss journey. During the recession, Wise lost his job, so he allowed himself to explore the route of health and fitness a bit more. Sixty-five pounds later and this newfound passion are the elements that ignited the dream to open his own wellness and fitness facility—The Wise Decision. Sterling’s fitness venue offers programs to folks with special needs, the average person, and students. 

When it came to opening his facility, Sterling’s biggest challenge was being alone without business partners or expertise. He did not receive coaching from anyone at first and also took pride in doing everything on his own. And as a Black business owner and Black entrepreneur, he has always felt pressure do everything perfectly because he knows his work will be judged at a higher standard. Wise quickly realized that he needed to learn how to delegate and ask for help, because as he puts it “time is money.” Wanting to formalize his business and learn about business management, he came across ProsperUs Detroit where he obtained the tools to take these issues head-on. 

With COVID-19, new challenges have arrived. The Wise Decision gym is currently closed due to the pandemic, but Wise has shifted focus to online services such as programs with fitness videos and products that support the success of health and fitness goals (e.g. fat burners, pre-workout supplements, protein shakes, apparel, etc.). Wise finds that his students trust him enough to grow and learn together because of the personal bonds he has built with them over the past fourteen years, this trust is key element in being a personal trainer. 

Sterling Wise is #BlackExcellence and we are wishing him the very best! 

Check out and follow The Wise Decision on social media at @thewisedecision on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay tuned for a new website coming soon! 

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