Yolanda Massey | Black History Month

February 8th, 2021

Yolanda Massey’s life changed at 19 when she sustained a brain injury caused by an automotive accident. She began to experience seizures, poor memory, and even depression once she was in college. To tend to herself, she decided to withdraw from college and become a full-time child caretaker, first with her nieces and nephews. Years later, she returned to college and graduated with her Associate’s Degree in the applied science of Interior Design and earned 18 credits hours for an administration position in early childcare. She used her experience to expand her home business to her community as Hooked On Books Childcare. Her nieces and nephews are now in college themselves and Yolanda sees herself expanding into a brick-and-mortar business and resource for her community: A childcare center with a complete children’s library available to the community.

Out of all the places, Yolanda first came across ProsperUs Detroit via an online survey. Some things are just fate. Although very resourceful and self-taught, she never had any formal business training up until this point. By August of 2020, Yolanda had already graduated from our Entrepreneur Training Program and by December of 2020 became the director for her childcare.

The pandemic has made the majority of parents hesitant of childcare services for many understandable reasons, and at this point she finds herself adapting. She is working to meet state regulations and takes webinars to learn more about the rapidly changing state of the world. Yolanda is using this time to reimagine what Hooked On Books could be. 

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