Enid Parham | Black History Month

February 5th, 2021

Enid Parham is #BlackExcellence. She is the fearless owner of the delicious cannabis-based food catering company Lucky Pistil. Even though her business debuted just months ago, she’s no stranger to cooking with cannabis. Being fully aware of the impasses imposed by an unjust system and the racist cannabis industry, she at times felt hesitant to dream big as a Black woman in this field. She cautiously joined FoodLab, fearful of being rejected because of the nature of her idea. Instead, she was welcomed with open arms and realized she could bring a unique perspective and insights to the group. Enid later applied and was accepted to the  FoodLab & ProsperUs Detroit collaborative, Tapestry Fellowship

Additional costs, permits, and other barriers meant to regulate cannabis caused Enid to start her company about a year later than she would have preferred, but she has persevered. She says she feels “lucky” to have gotten this far. When asked about the meaning behind “Lucky Pistil” she says she feels fortunate to start her own business because she never went to school to learn cooking formally. “The pistil determines what the plant is going to be, [and] I felt lucky. I’m lucky as a woman to enter this industry regardless of the cards against me, but I’m also determined in my own growth in this.”

Enid continues to grow rooted in her own identity as she navigates the cannabis industry in a time like this. 

Check out her delicious creations and stay up to date on her next pop-up by following her Instagram account at @luckypistil.

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