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ProsperUS recruiting bilingual Spanish/English Trainer

June 17th, 2020

Join the ProsperUS Training Program!

We are looking for a bilingual Spanish/English instructor for the Entrepreneurship Training Program.

To apply send your resume and a brief letter of introduction to  <prosperus@swsol.org>
The Entrepreneur Training Program teaches business skills to adults. We actively recruit from under-resourced neighborhoods and assume participants have little to no business education. There is not a specific type of business that we support so we are looking for a candidate who is willing to work in-depth with individuals on a broad variety of businesses.
Classes meet once per week for two hours. They meet 12 times per cohort, although given holidays and pacing, we allow for up to 15 weeks to complete each cohort. Each cohort has 10 to 12 participants. Cohorts run in the spring and fall. We will interview participant candidates in August and start the next cohort no later than September.
The 12 weekly two-hour long classes introduce the key components of a business plan. We provide a curriculum, helpful worksheets and other resources to participant and trainers. Participants also have the option to meet with trainers one-on-one for personalized assistance. One on one meetings (up to 10 per student) are scheduled independently. One on one meetings between you and the students can be scheduled at your own convenience.
You will be compensated for class time and one on one meetings as well as any additional required time such as participant interviews or staff training.  
Interested candidates, please send your resume and send a brief letter of introduction to <prosperus@swsol.org>
More information on the entrepreneur training program is available here: LINK
To see the bios of current trainers click here: LINK
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